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Stylefevr is a fashion inspired platform, and on-going project that was created by a team of fashion designers and visual artists.

The primary focus is to encourage the industry through positive initiatives in the industry. This platform was built to empower, entertain and endorse creative brands and home grown talents.

The initiators of the project, Modupe Omonze founder Of Runway Dubai and Vishnu Prasad founder of Haatch Interactive both experts in their respective fields looking to create a Positive impact globally.

Modupe Omonze who is a fashion designer, and the founder of Runway Dubai, creates opportunities that help impact the fashion industry through responsible initiatives and creative ideas. She also pioneers different social workshops to help inspire women.

Modupe was appointed a woman of substance in 2018 by the Dubai Women’s Run. After her appointment, she launched a mentor ship program on how to change the world with personal style. In January 2019, Modupe launched the fashion sustainability summit which was created to spread awareness on environmental issues, and at the same time, celebrate designers who contribute to the improvement of sustainability.