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Fashion meets music 

Written by: Sara Madani Middlesex University Dubai Music resonating, lights flashing, and the energized crowd applauded thunderously as  models made their way down the 21-meter catwalk in Zabeel hall of the Marriott Al Jaddaf hotel, Dubai. It was a full house on the final day...

Style chat with Stacia Gates 

Stacia Gates Producer, director, Host, actress, writer, editor and founder ArtQuench Magazine Stacia Born in Monterey, California and began using her art as a therapeutic tool at a very young age. With the loss of her parents so early on Stacia chose to see the...
Students and staff with Modupe Omonze in the Fashion Design Studio

Modupe Omonze: Changing the World Through Fashion 

Dressed in a flowing, intricately designed white and gold embroidered abaya, a black headwrap and blackened gold earrings shaped like large crescent moons that dangle with even the slightest head movement, Modupe Omonze is a picture of grace. In the Fashion Design Studio of Middlesex…

saif akram dubai photographer
Photographer Profile

Saif Akram 

They often say that when you are self-taught you become the master of the game. The saying simply defines Saif Akram, a creative Dubai based photographer who uses lights and shadows to his advantage creating a master piece. “Lighting is everything” Saif says – “Without…

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Fashion meets music festival in Dubai 

Runway Dubai 2019 is upon us and the producers have announced the theme for the most inspiring fashion event in the world. This year is all about creating dreams with a lineup of musicians, Athletes actors and aspiring models. Isabel Vale, a fifteen year old…

Photo Courtesy - Florins Becichi -Cluj Napoca Romania

Why designer Florina Becichi hugs trees? 

Photo Courtesy - Florins Becichi -Cluj Napoca Romania For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. I revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves. And even more I revere them when they stand alone. Trees are sanctuaries....