RunwayDubai continues its mission to push Dubai to the forefront of the global fashion scene by creating awareness on ethical fashion and sustainability. This year, the company is partnering with Adidas as the brand opens its flagship store at the Dubai Mall. An industry leader in sustainability, Adidas is deploying collaborative and innovative solutions to end plastic waste.

Since launching the Fashion Sustainability Summit in 2019, RunwayDubai has mentored students from fashion schools across the U.A.E and empowered people through workshops on ethical fashion. These initiatives are growing and gradually infiltrating the system. Modupe Omonze, founder of RunwayDubai, is an evangelist for adopting responsible habits that are solid and sustainable enough to pass on to future generations.

Over the years, Adidas has worked closely with several organizations to positively impact communities and encourage youth participation. It aims to eliminate virgin polyester completely and use 100% recycled polyester in its products by 2024. Inspired by the stance that Adidas has taken to contribute to a healthier ecosystem, which has seen other big brands follow suit, the RunwayDubai Team have organized a Fashion Competition themed and titled, Saved by Adidas. Students of fashion are expected to compete against each other and produce masterpieces using items that would ordinarily go to waste, like defective clothing and shoes.

The event, which kicks off on February 25, 2021, will be part of a 10-day activation of the biggest Adidas store in the MENA region. Other activities include a few in-house sustainable workshops, featuring students’ innovative ideas, competitions, and product launch. The winners will be exposed to many new opportunities with both brands.

Kindly note that strict COVID-19 protocols will be adhered to at the venue.

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