Arzo Yusuf
Film Director/ Pod-caster / CEO & Founder, Sexy Boss Babe Sexy Boss Babe :

a new indie beauty brand empowering women to support foster youth and human trafficking survivors through beauty products. Women are the caretakers of humanity, it is time for change.


What is your definition of style?

Something simple

What does fashion mean to you?

Creative expression through clothes, shoes and accessories

Who is your favorite designer and why do you love them?

Gabriel Chanel. It is her attitude. She is a wild feminist ahead of her time giving women courage to be brazen

When selecting new pieces for your wardrobe what factors do you consider? ( i.e. Comfort? Fabric? Color? Trend?)

I like fabrics that move. Solid colors always feel put together.

If you were stuck on a deserted island what one item could you not live without?

A sarong. They are such versatile pieces of a wardrobe. Depending on the fabric, they can be used a draping accessory over an outfit, a sarong, a summer dress or even a hair accessory. Perfect for island life.