Stacia Gates

Producer, director, Host, actress, writer, editor and founder ArtQuench Magazine Stacia

Born in Monterey, California and began using her art as a therapeutic tool at a very young age. With the loss of her parents so early on Stacia chose to see the light instead of the darkness that fell around her and decided to create a life of inspirational value. She attended Los Angeles Valley College from 1989-1991 studying Art History. Stacia lives in Los Angeles, Ca. Stacia Gates is the founder of ArtQuench Magazine and Gallery

What is your definition of style?

My definition of ‘style” is the way in which you represent yourself, whether it be in your clothing, your writing, your artwork, the way in which you speak and carry yourself. You can create your own style by expressing who you are through the most important things in your life. Figuring out who you are is key. You must trust your first instinct when choosing what you want to do in life, then you begin to believe in yourself and more of your choices begin representing your true self. This creates your style.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is what is pronounced in a certain genre in any particular year. It is an expression of personal taste and desire to showcase ones personality.

Who is your favorite designer and why do you love them?

There are many designers that I wear and adore but I very much like Ralph Lauren because of the classic styles he creates. I not only like his designs in clothing but I also like his work ethic as a young person and his knowing that he was capable of creating his life the way he saw it to be. His ambition and courage to go after his dreams is an inspiration to others and I am impressed by those who work hard for it everyday. So you see I am not only looking at the clothing but the person behind it.

When selecting new pieces for your wardrobe what factors do you consider? ( i.e. Comfort? Fabric? Color? Trend?)

I am always drawn to colors that work with my skin tone and hair color. I like pieces that will be around for more than one season. The classics are always a favorite. I do like to wear what is trending if it fits my personality.

If you were stuck on a deserted island what one item could you not live without?

Well, I assume the desert island will be warm, filled with sandy beaches and coconuts so I would choose my bikini!